Is your building a good candidate for a Cool Roof?

Let’s find out if your building is a good candidate for the Buffalo Cool Roof Project!

Locate Your Building

Determine if you qualify, and if your roof is eligible for the Cool Roof Project, step by step:

  1. Use the ESRI-enabled map below, drag the map around until you have found your building,
  2. Notice the red border outlining each building,
  3. Determine if your building roof is light colored, or not,
  4. Is your building roof already light colored? Congratulations, you already have a Cool Roof.
  5. Is your building roof not yet light colored? Congratulations, you can volunteer your company and building to participate.

Get involved…

Whether your building is a good candidate for a new Buffalo Cool Roof Project, or it already has a Cool Roof, don’t forget to join our Buffalo Cool Roof Community and do something positive for our city and the world!