What is the Buffalo Cool Roof Project?

The Buffalo Cool Roof Project is a grassroots, community-led initiative designed to help solve the problem of climate change, one roofing tile at a time. We want to connect businesses and people to engage each other and leverage simple technology to make our community a better place.

Did you know…

Urban areas tend to be warmer than neighboring rural areas due to what’s known as the urban heat island effect. This warming of our cities leads to an increase in energy demand, particularly in summer afternoons. By the time evening hits, the difference between an urban center and surrounding rural areas can be as much as 22°F!


The associated air conditioning usage with this temperature difference involves more than just increased monetary expenses. Cities experience increased air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and reductions in water quality. As a result, urban dwellers have been shown to have decreased quality of life indicators and increased instances of heat-related illnesses.

How do we fix it?

One simple solution is to directly reflect some of that sunlight back into space. Installing what is known as a “Cool Roof” helps a building absorb considerably less solar energy and helps it stay up to 50-60°F cooler than conventional materials!


The simple act of painting a building’s roof white helps cool the outside air, and reduces the need for interior cooling systems and energy. It has been demonstrated not only to reduce consumer costs, but also improve residents’ life comfort, all while slowing climate change. Read more details about the many benefits of a Cool Roof here.


Get involved…

Click the following links to find out more benefits of the Buffalo Cool Roof Project, how to convert your roof into a Cool Roof, see if your building would benefit from the Buffalo Cool Roof Project, and don’t forget to join our Buffalo Cool Roof Community and do something positive for our city and the world!